Delilah Parillo Henrik Purienne

This Summer’s Favorite Photographer/Model Duo

When I think of summer, some of the first thoughts that come to mind are late mornings leading into lazy days filled with nothing but sunshine, tan lines, and relaxation. That’s what the sunny season is all about, right? If you’d agree with me, then you’ll definitely appreciate the work of the pair featured in this post.

Meet photographer Henrik Purienne and model Delilah Parillo.

Henrik Purienne Delilah Parillo Adeline Mai

Henrik Purienne was born in South Africa in 1977. Today, he’s living in LA where he photographs effortlessly beautiful, makeup-less, and sometimes clothes-less models all day long. Henrik’s photos are usually taken at the beach, by the pool, or sometimes in a messy hotel or bedroom. His work is very consistent; it all seems to have a very relaxed and snapshot-esque feel to it. He shoots a majority, if not all of his work on 35mm film. I feel like this really helps to emphasize his laid-back aesthetic. Henrik’s work has been featured in many different fashion magazines including Vogue, as well as his own publication, Mirage Magazine. He’s also published a couple of books that can be found on his website here. I’ve recently purchased his latest book, Holiday, and I’m just in awe of how stunning all of his photos are!

Now let’s learn a little more about Delilah Parillo. Delilah, or “Lilah” for short, was born and raised in Southern California. She’s currently living in LA and is signed with NEXT. Lilah has a distinct look about her that really seems to set her apart from other models. Her nearly white hair and glowing skin give her an almost ethereal appearance. Lilah has been featured in a great amount of Henrik’s work, including his books. She’s modeled for many different brands such as Free People, Billabong, and Stoned Immaculate. She’s also been featured in Vogue. Lilah is undoubtedly my favorite model at the moment, and I can’t wait to see more of her work.

Below are some of my favorite photos of Lilah by Henrik that I was able to find and put together for you. Hope you enjoy!



Delilah Parillo Henrik Purienne

Delilah Parillo Henrik Purienne

Delilah Parillo by Henrik Purienne

Delilah Parillo Henrik Purienne



Delilah Parillo by Henrik Purienne

Delilah Parillo Henrik Purienne

Delilah Parillo by Henrik Purienne


Delilah Parillo by Henrik Purienne


Photo of Lilah and Henrik by Adeline Mai, all others by Henrik Purienne.

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